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Twitter Chat help!  #mesqchat Guidelines  (instructions)

Adding a Signature to your email!

The help desk has asked everyone to add a signature to emails so that they will be able to know exactly who it came from and where they are located.  Information that you should include is:
Your full name
Your school
Your classroom extension number

Here's how to do this:  (Log in to Google Drive and then click this link to go to a full page.)

Calendar Math Flipcharts

Many of you may be wondering where the link is to the Calendar Math flip charts for this year.  It is now embedded in the CURRICULUM! It is in Forethought under your grade level and in the math curriculum.  Here is an example:

If you are having trouble with maintaining the correct domain for iStation on your desktop and laptop computers, here is a link to how to change it: How to change the domain in iStation on the computer

Many of you are moving from the "Elmo" document cameras to the new Justand iPad Document Cameras!  Here is a video to help you become acquainted with your new stand:

If you haven't heard about the excitement that is going on in many classrooms with interactive quizzes, then you are missing out! is a great way to quickly poll, quiz or survey your class over their learning and they love it!  Here is a tutorial video to help you get started:

If you have been hearing about NearPod, then I am sure that you are wanting to know how you can make one to support your curriculum.  Watch this great slide share and find out just how easy it can be! Email me and set up a time for me to come out and help you create, integrate and execute.

Updating your Promethean board and software:  Here are the directions on how to do this. Just click on each picture and it will enlarge.

Welcome back to school!  Here are some helpful tips on how to get your classroom technology ready for that first day.

For starters, here's how to connect your "Elmo."  (The Samsung is very similar.)

How to connect your "Elmo" Document Camera from Melinda Weston on Vimeo.

Now to help you hook up your PROMETHEAN BOARD.  Just follow these easy steps in the video:

Connecting a Promethean Board from Denise Dalrymple on Vimeo.

You have that big old safe in your room. What do you do with it?
You can put it where you want that works best for you and will not present a danger to anyone. Then this is how you to set it up. (principals will not release the keys for a bit)

Setting up the iPad/Laptop Safe from Denise Dalrymple on Vimeo.

If you have a new top loading 1:1 cart, here are the directions for it:

Wiring the Top-Load iPad Cart from Sherri Guerra on Vimeo.

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