Wednesday, January 25, 2017


YIKES! Hey!  I know how frustrated we all get when we take students to the computer lab.  We have noticed that when every computer is used and rebooted often, then there are less problems with the computers.  In the past, we have asked you to make a seating chart and stick to it, but we are finding that when the larger sized classes go into the labs, there are more problems. A remedy for this is to use different computers so that ALL computers in the lab are logged in from time to time giving the computer the necessary time for it to receive all of the updates from the servers.  Those computers that are just white screens with the line that never moves are perfect examples of this.  They have been unused for so long that they are taking their sweet, sweet time to receive all of the updates.  It usually locks them up and then we have to reboot them several times.  

Will this solve all of the problems? NO

Here are some steps that you can take when you find a computer not functioning.  
  1. Force it to shut off by holding down the power button on the back left of the computer.
  2. Wait a good 3 minutes an turn it back on.
  3. Not working?  Unplug the computer from the back of the machine.  Wait 1 minute...Plug it back in and press the power button.  
  4. The screen is locked up on a website or program.  Hold down the Option and Command buttons at the same time (located next to the space bar) and then, while holding those two buttons down, Press the ESC key at the top left of the keyboard.  A pop-up box will appear that will ask you which programs would you like to kill. you can select them all or just the one that is not responding.  
  5. I suggest that you choose a different browser if you cannot get a website to respond or behave properly.  Try Safari, Chrome, and/or FireFox.
  6. If it says that your computer needs Adobe Flash, then YOU, the teacher, can click on the install and install the flash player.  BE CAREFUL TO READ EACH LITTLE SCREEN THAT POPS UP!  You don't want to add anything but ADOBE FLASH PLAYER!  When it asks for an administrator's password, just put in your teacher credentials from the district. 
  7. What if Chrome isn't on my computer?  You can choose another browser and type in  Choose Personal Computer. Choose download and follow the steps on the screen.  Your teacher credentials is all that you will need.  (You will have to find the download and click on the .dmg file to get it all going.)
  8. Why are the apps not showing up on the dock?  Please make a work order to the Helpdesk.  
  9. If the Launchpad (Rocket) is on the dock, you can click on it and most all of the applications will be there in icon form for your students to choose!
  10. Still having problems?   Please include these things: 1. School Name  2. Room number of location 3. Computer name (sticker on top or back) 4. Etag number (sticker on center back of computer) 5. Description of problem that you are having. 6. Your name and phone extension where you can be reached

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