Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy, Happy...

Happy New Year! Happy Martin Luther King Day! Happy President's Day!... coming soon I can say Happy Groundhog Day and then Happy Valentine's Day!  

Wow!  It has been a long time since I have posted. Many of my communications this year have been through emails and the "Toilet Trainings" that you have told me how much you love.  I am so glad that they are helping.  Be on the lookout for a new one soon.  

During this week, Feb. 2-5th, I will be attending the Texas Computer Educators Association conference in Austin.  I am excited to learn more about how to help you take your curriculum and choose the right technology tool and plan to enrich and reach the educational goals set before you. 

Here are some problems that we have been encountering recently:

  • Google says that your page is blocked.  This is a problem with the iBoss Certificate and the helpdesk is working on making this better.  
    • Solution:  click on the link that is given when it is blocked and it will give you a login for you to authenticate.
    • Solution:  write helpdesk and let them know that it is continues to happen. 
  • Teacher iPads are acting crazy with the apps
    • Solution:  Upload all of your pictures and videos to your Google Drive, Dropbox or some other storage place.  Do this for anything that you want to save.  Go to Settings and choose Software Update.  If there is an update, do it now.   After the update has completed, go to Settings again and choose Reset.  Erase all content.  This will cause your iPad to wipe itself and set up with the new district management system.  (The plus to this is that you will be able to get large videos and pictures off of your iPad by connecting it to your computer and syncing with iTunes!)
  • AirServer won't connect:
    • Solution:  Update AirServer.  Click on the AirServer icon at the top of your screen Choose "Check for Updates."  Run the update.  On your iPad, there is an app that has to be used called AirServer Connect.  Install the app and follow the directions. 
    • If AirServer is asking for an authorization code, then you can try entering the email for your campus:
      • Hanby -
      • Range-
      • Rugel-
I hope that these tips help.  Remember to shoot me an email anytime!  I would love co-teach a lesson with you infusing technology!  I really would like to see Technology in action in your classrooms.  Send me a time that I can come see!  No strings attached.

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