Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting Ready for the Winter Break!

It's beginning to feel a lot like…  Yes, it is that time of the year. We are so busy trying to teach children while they have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads that we can hardly take a breath! There are things that we need to be prepared for as we close out this calendar year of 2014.

1:  DESKTOP COMPUTERS:  If you are in a portable, you may want to bring your teacher computer in to the library or computer lab.  You will need to secure the cables out of the way for the janitor to clean your room. If you are in an indoor classroom, move your desktop computer to the back cabinet or next to the TV so that it will be out of the way for the janitors to clean.

2: SAFES should be unplugged from the wall, locked up and the key taken with you.

3: LAPTOPS should be fully charged, shut down, unplugged and locked securely in the safe or the cart. The laptop cart should be locked up in the computer lab or library (or other designated storage room that has the deadbolt lock.)

4: iPADS should be fully charged, turned off, unplugged and securely locked in the safe or the iPad cart. If you are in a portable and you have a rolling iPad cart, please move it into the building and store it in the library, lab or the designated storage room. It is not to be plugged in.

5: TEACHER iPADS: If you do NOT plan on taking yours home over the holidays, please make sure that it is fully charged, turned off, unplugged and locked securely in the safe, cabinet, or turned in to the office where it can be securely locked for the duration of the break.

6: Please follow any specific rules that your campus issues.  Please do not take these electronic rules for granted. There are many devices stolen in the district annually.  We do not want to increase this number  by being careless with these items.

Most of all, RELAX and ENJOY your holiday break! I look forward to working with you after the break.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Intervention laptops...HELP!

By now your campus has been furiously testing all students on iStation and you have completed your first round of checkpoints.  You are gathering all of this data, compiling it, pouring over it, praying over it, etc., etc., etc.  I know what you are thinking.

"When will these *#*4 laptops be fixed so that I can get these kids started on iStation and Think Through Math!"

The answer is complicated.  In a combined effort with Technical Services, we will be touching every single laptop in the district in the next two weeks to get them up and running as quickly as possible.  We need your help.

* Please make sure that you have taken your laptops out of their boxes.
* Put together your safe by following this instructional video under my Tech Tips tab on this blog. Or use this link to take you directly to the video:
*Charge up the laptops completely.

This will save us time and allow us to get your laptops up and running much sooner than later.

Thank you to those of you that have taken the time to put together your safe. I truly appreciate it.  I know that you do not have much spare time, if any, and this is a big help.

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I just recently blogged about how things are going on my blog called "Techno-Thoughts."  You can get to it by the tab at the top of this page.  Don't forget to write a comment!  I love to hear from you.

Speaking of hearing from you...if you don't email me about good, bad, messy, wonderful or any other thing, then I will not know that you need my help, praise, support, knowledge or an abundance of other things.  Do not hesitate to be straight forward and tell me that you want help with _____ and you are available on ______ day and _______ time to plan and prepare.  Let me know she you want me to come into your classroom and be another set of hands with any technology activity or product that you are working on.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Laptops, iStation, Think Through Math...

Can it really be that the second week of school with the children is almost over? We are all still trying to get settled and into our routine for this year. As you do, here are a few things that you may want to take note:

 1. Be sure and check your MacAfee Spam Report daily because there will be important things from Pearson, Holt-Rinehart-Winston, Region X, iStation, etc. that could be very important to your work in the classroom. If it is a sender that you want to keep, then click on Allow for it to come into your inbox. This action will only need to be done once for you to continue to receive their notifications.

 2. 1st-5th grade teachers: Log onto the new MacBook Air laptops and click on Self Service. Login with your credentials. This login is now in small print on the right-hand sidebar.
  On the right-hand side under "Categories," click on Applications. Now click on the word INSTALL under the iStation icon. This will install it on the computers. Turn on iStation and choose your school's domain from the pull down menu. It will automatically update and restart. Now it is ready for the next use. Allow the computers to stay on for a while so that Adobe Flash Player update can be downloaded. Now your laptops will be ready for use! Please let me know by email if you have any laptops that will not turn on.

 3. i-Station: if you are using this before the flash update takes place, please use FireFox.

 4. Think Through Math - I know that you are waiting on your logins, but the students logins in 3rd-6th grade are their regular computer logins. I am trying to get you login cards, but you can use this page to get you by for now. Control click on the image and click Save Image. Then you can print them out.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


A  big welcome is exactly what I meant.  Welcome!  Our district's theme this year is:

Believe in the Vision
Infuse Rigor & Excellence
Give Your Best

My hope for this blog is to give you the tools to use technology to reach your campus's vision, infuse rigor and excellence into your lessons, and encourage you to give your best (even when technology seems to be making it all hard!)

My schools this year are Hanby, McWhorter, Moss and Tisinger Elementary schools.  I am excited to be returning to each campus, even after a long hiatus for Moss!  I want to dream BIG, think BIG, and be a support to you in all of your BIG dreams.  Sign up to follow this blog through email (in the sidebar on the right) or bookmark this page to return to get new ideas, helpful tips and to remind you that I am here to serve you in any way that I can to make your technological endeavors be to the rigor and depth of knowledge that you need to achieve your goals.

What BIG ideas do you have for this year? (leave a comment)